Eddie Cheung's 'realistic' views on one night stands

16 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Actor Eddie Cheung was a filming a new series, Full-Time Nowhere Woman at TVB City.

He expressed that Adia Chan and he had relationship scenes in the drama, reports Asian E-News Portal.

The script illustrated that they ended up in bed after getting drunk seven years ago and he only knew the woman was Adia after some hassles.

When asked if he had any one night stands in reality, Eddie said: "Of course not and that woman is my wife. I am a realistic person and cannot afford to play it.

"(Any seduction before?) I need to work daily and no time for seduction by others. I am in the studio whole day and have no chance to go out.

"(Your filming partner?) Nope. I am very clear-minded and will not have other thoughts when focused on filming the series."

When mentioned he was very popular with women due to his career and business, Eddie said:

"Any type of person will be liked by people and the girls might not like old fashioned men now. I am very satisfied now as I have career and family. I will enjoy it to my fullest!"

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