Eddie Cheung says he was unaware Sharon Chan was pregnant while filming series

9 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Artiste Eddie Cheung and Sharon Chan collaborated in the series Come With Me series and accepted an interview from ON.CC.

When told that Sharon was expecting, Eddie replied that he had congratulated her, reports Asian E-News Portal.

When asked about how he carried Sharon who was already expecting during the promotion campaign, Eddie Cheung said: "I am totally unaware of it. She should tell me and fortunately, I carried her safely."

When asked if he shared tips with Sharon during filming, Eddie Cheung said: "I know she always wanted to have a baby and we talked about it during filming.

"A normal couple is viewed as having problems to have a baby after trying a year.

"But they are a normal couple and having a baby is expected."

Sharon expressed it was okay when he carried her and completing the promotion activity was most important: "I really cannot reveal it at that time. (Scold by your husband?) Nope. He is okay."

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