Drunk Irish man strips on plane, performed lewd act and asked flight attendant for sex

26 October 2015 / 12 months 4 days ago

A drunk Irish man caused a Sun Express flight from Dublin to Turkey to make an emergency landing in Belgrade, Serbia, no thanks to his indecent behaviour. 

The pilots were forced to make an emergency stop after the unruly passenger stripped naked, swung his genitals around and asked a flight attendant for sex.

Other passengers reportedly claim that when the stewardess refused the drunk man’s offer of sex, he became aggressive and started jumping on seats while his friends cheered him on.

A Serbian Interior Ministry spokesman told MailOnline that the "Irish citizen… was visibly intoxicated, aggressive and very rude. He insulted the crew and resisted the security guards.

"He even tried to physically attack our officers. He was quickly overcome and detained until he sobered up.”

Uni Lad reports that the man and his friends, all clad in beach-wear, drank 250 pints between them and delayed the flight by 10 hours.

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