DJ jailed for abducting own daughter used to spin in clubs in S'pore

12 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

12 December 2015

Dubbed the "sexiest Asian DJ", 32-year-old Angie Vu has to remain in jail after being detained in New York city since Nov, New York Daily News reported on Dec 7.

According to the report, the Vietnamese bombshell was arrested at New York's Kennedy Airport on Nov 3 as she was about to get on a flight to Vietnam with her 9-year-old daughter, Isabella.

The biological father Richard Froger, has legal custody of her.

He obtained an arrest warrant from a family court in Paris after Vu did not abide by their agreement to return the child.

According to AsianTown, the French authorities have 60 days to file court papers on whether they will proceed with a contempt of court case against Vu.

Looking haggard and clad in a baggy blue prison suit and long-sleeved white thermal shirt, Vu brushed away tears in court as a Brooklyn judge told her that his hands were tied under international law.

Vu is currently being held in a dormitory with 100 female prisoners, reported the Daily News.

She told the publication that her time in prison has been a "nightmare" and "terrifying," but she is focused on being reunited with her daughter who she raised until the girl was seven.

"I just mind my business and be respectful to everybody, but the fear is there.

"The fighter in me is keeping me strong, believing that I have done all the right things and everything's gonna be alright."

She is currently being held in a dormitory with 100 female prisoners.

According to media reports, the DJ was based in Singapore three years ago, spinning at clubs in the country and around the region.

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