Dennis Chew leaves Star Awards with 2 awards and many kisses

26 April 2016 / 6 months 2 days ago

Tracy Low
The New Paper
April 26, 2016

Local actor-host-DJ Dennis Chew did not just go home with two awards from Sunday night's Star Awards Show 2.

He also returned with a face covered with lipstick marks.

After his name was announced during the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes category, his jubilation was matched by his female colleagues seated near him.

Viewers saw actresses Rui En and Belinda Lee plant big ones on Chew's cheek and lips respectively, but the pair were not the only ones who showered him with kisses after his victory.

According to Chew, Quan Yifeng, Chen Liping, Sheila Sim, Julie Tan and even Mark Lee followed suit.

"I had at least seven lipstick stains on my face that I didn't wipe away until I reached home at 2.30am. I didn't wipe (them) away because I promised (those who kissed me) that I wouldn't.

"Rui En was the one who said to me, 'If you really win, I'll kiss you, but you don't wipe away the lipstick mark'," the 42-year-old told The New Paper with a giggle in a phone interview yesterday.

Chew still had the lipstick marks on his face as he co-hosted the hour-long Post Show Party.

Actor-host Mark told Chew before the announcement that if the latter really did win, he would run over and give him a hug.

But he added a split-second peck on Chew's lips too - a first time for both, said Chew.

Chew added: "That was a brotherly kiss and to me there was nothing wrong. Mark and I are very close and he's my favourite presenter in Singapore."

The duo have been co-hosting a radio show on Love 97.2 FM for almost two years, alongside DJs Marcus Chin and Chen Biyu.


Besides winning the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award for the sixth time, which he last won in 2014, Chew and Rui En were conferred with the Toggle Most Beloved Celebrity BFF Award at the Post Show Party. (See other report.)

The award was determined by public voting, as were the popular artistes categories.

Chew said: "I'm very thankful for my listeners who have always been supporting me. Thanking them on stage was the least I could do.

"I had people coming up to me telling me that they had made 50 or even 100 calls for me. One of them even showed me their phone bill. I was so touched that they would go to such an extent.

"(Getting into) the Top 10 (is a form of) recognition from the audience, so to me it's an achievement and a moment of glory."

This article was first published on April 25, 2016. 
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