Dayo Wong waits four years to act in stage play with Fala Chen

9 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Fala Chen completed a two year acting course and filmed a stage play called Skylight with Dayo Wong which was broadcasted on July 1.

During the past two years, she learned new tactics of acting skills and got to learn tips from Dayo as well, reports Asian E-News Portal.

In fact, they acted as husband and wife in a movie before and established good rapport when cooperating in stage play this time.

It attracted many good friends in showbiz for support.

When asked about their collaboration this time, Dayo believed the roles were suitable for Fala and him after watching the original workpiece, Skylight.

Hence, he invited Fala immediately: "I have no intention to film initially but the roles suit us. However, Fala said she will film it after four years later."

Fala expressed she was interested after watching Skylight and changed her mind within two weeks.

Dayo said: "She told me to wait for 4 years when I approached her initially. However, she started to show deep interest and it is a good chance and fate."

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