Connie Man tests her limits with series of passionate bed scenes in new movie

24 December 2015 / 10 months 5 days ago

Filming steamy bed scenes is never an easy task and Connie Man challenged her own limits and had many passionate bed scenes with "duck king" Dominic Ho in Wong Jing's new film The Gigolo 2.

According to a report on Hktopten, Connie bared her back in a nude bed scene with Dominic.

However, Wong Jing was not pleased with how the scene turned out in the end and had demanded the scene to be reshot.

Following the audacious reshoot, the film eventually got an III rating instead of an IIB.

Connie, who was overwhelmed by the news of the shoot, said that she was extremely relieved when she had finished filming the passionate scenes and had never expected to "do another take."

"Actually I was already very nervous since it was the first time I made this type of scenes. I was told to drink for courage, but because my face would turn red when I drank I could not use that method. In the end I could only grab Dominic to chat with so I would not be as scared. That is why when I heard 'reshoot', I really was stunned," said Connie.

She admitted to feeling pressurised from the reshoot and added:

"After the film was done, I was completely relaxed. I ate a lot to reward myself. As soon as I found out about the reshoot, I immediately had to think how I could rapidly get back into production shape. This is a huge source of pressure."

Although Connie respected the professional decision of everyone involved, she was concerned about how her parents would react to the movie's latest rating, as she had told them it would be IIB.

The film's lead actor Dominic, however, was unfazed by the film's category III rating as he would be satisfied as long as the movie did well. Connie not only had bold bed scenes in The Gigolo 2, she also had to pose for a very daring movie poster.

She was naked and had to cover herself up with only her hand. Connie, who was very nervous at the beginning, said that the photographers and actors Chung Choi Yi and Tong Chi Yui had made her feel comfortable and helped her pose more naturally.

Aside from Connie, The Gigolo 2, also features many other pretty actresses, like new comer Leslie Lam.

Hazel Tong Chi Yui who plays the comedic role in the film commended Connie's brave move as an actress in the film and said that she had managed to play a character that was in contrast to her actual personality.

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