Coincidence? Bosco Wong 'breaks up' with business partner Kennis Tai after she reveals new BF

19 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: JayneStars

In early 2014, Bosco Wong and Kennis Tai, heiress of the Four Seas Group, started a dessert shop business together. This surprising venture led to reports speculating that the pair were an item, and that Kennis was one of the reasons why he broke up with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Yeung. Gossip went uphill after news broke out saying that Kennis was “very interested” in collaborating with Bosco, who has always been interested in doing restaurant businesses.

Bosco and Kennis’ dessert shop was located only a few stores down from Bosco’s own popular oyster bar, which is managed by his mother. In order to focus more sources on the dessert shop, it was said that Kennis dropped her own dream of opening a cafe to work with Bosco.

Both Bosco and Kennis denied dating rumors, maintaining that they are only friends and business partners. Kennis also clarified that Bosco was not the only investor, and that her main business focus remains to be the Four Seas Group.

However, after only about a year into business, the dessert shop closed down quietly. The dessert shop now operates under a different name, and Bosco is no longer one of the shop’s investors. This news coincidentally came to light after Kennis is confirmed to be in a new relationship, Justin from Shanghai.

When asked about her rumors with Bosco again, Kennis said Bosco is “a friend of a friend” and that they “rarely contact each other.” She stressed again that she is more focused on her family’s business, and leaves the dessert shop to the care of other investors.

At an event held a few days ago, Bosco said he quietly withdrew his shares in the dessert shop over a year ago, and found it surprising that this gossip articles were reporting about it again. Asking why he withdrew his shares and if they had an unhappy collaboration, Bosco said, “No. I just haven’t researched enough on the dessert [industry].” He shot down the rumors claiming they “broke up”, expressing that they never went out in the first place. “We have a good relationship, but it’s true that we haven’t seen each other in a while.” Asking if he knew Kennis has a boyfriend, Bosco said, “I don’t ask her about her private life.”

Although Bosco lost interest in the dessert shop, he is still interested in his oyster bar business. He admitted that he wants to open another branch, “I’m always filming dramas so I never have the time to do it.” Asking if he would ask Kennis to help out again, he said, “I can find another. There are many partners.”

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