Christine Kuo reveals how she deals with fluctuating weight due to disorder

4 August 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

Christine Kuo went into a long hiatus after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a hormonal disorder which causes fatigue and fluctuating weight.

Though she has already made her on-screen return in the 2016 sci-fi thriller Over Run Over , Christine plans to lose more weight before she make a full-fledged comeback. 超時任務>

Christine and veteran actor Andrew Lam recently appeared at an event for the Hong Kong Toy Fair, reports JayneStarz.超時任務>

The 33-year-old looked noticeably slimmer and had great spirit, greeting the press with a large smile and joking along with them. 超時任務>

Asking when she would be able to regain her figure from before, she said, “Give me one to two more months. I don’t want give myself too much pressure.” 超時任務>

(Will you still do dramas?) “Yes. I’ll wait for the company’s arrangement. Usually they handle these things.” 超時任務>

(But is that what you want?) “It doesn’t really matter to me, but I will do my best.” 超時任務>

Christine joked that she now has more time to play video games, especially racing games. 超時任務>

When she knew that she would be trying out Project Morpheus—the code name for PlayStation’s new virtual reality set PlayStation VR—Christine couldn’t contain her excitement. 超時任務>

“These game can really make your heart rate go up. It’s so intense! It can probably help me lose weight,” she joked. 超時任務>

On her thoughts in playing a VR racing game, she said, “It’s great. You’re not really on the field so you won’t get injured, but you still feel like you’re actually driving it.” 超時任務>

(Will you play it with your boyfriend?) “I’ll be playing it with a bunch of racers! What boyfriend? Today my boyfriend is Andrew Lam.”超時任務>

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