Christine Kuo received the most gifts on Valentine’s Day in uni

15 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Christine Kuo may not have spent Valentine’s Day with a significant other -- but she still had great plans for the day of love.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, Christine told reporters that she always make time for herself on Valentine’s Day.

February 13, popularly known as “Galentine’s Day”, is also a time for single women to celebrate their love for each other, and Christine invited all her single girl friends to her dessert shop to chat and hang out.

She said: “Let’s eat some dessert! It’ll make us all feel sweeter.

“Tomorrow (February 14) we’ll get the men to hang out with us too!,” said Christine with a smile.

In light of Valentine’s Day, Christine, who opened a dessert shop with her friend last year, said she also plans on opening a dating and marriage agency.

“The dessert shop is doing well, so I’m really thinking about opening a marriage agency. I’ll design some couple clothes and bridal dresses too!”

The Taiwanese-born actress, alumni of the University of Calgary in Canada, said her most unforgettable Valentine’s Day was when she was still studying at the school.

Christine mentioned that she became the student who received the most flowers and chocolates from her classmates during one of her years there.

However, not wanting to waste the gifts, she ended up giving most of them away.

But even so, Christine said no one was interested in asking her out.

“I was kind of ugly then, with braces and didn’t smile much. My classmates all called me the ice queen," she said. 

Check out photos of the star in the gallery below. 

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