Christine Kuo given Linda Chung’s wedding bouquet because of her ‘dry’ love life

29 February 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

Christine Kuo was given Linda Chung’s wedding flowers even though she did not catch it during the customary wedding toss.

According to a report in Asian E-News Portal, it was Grace Wong who caught the bouquet during Linda and her husband’s Feb 27 wedding banquet.

Linda’s 'sisters' group which includes Grace Wong, Leanne Li, Christine Kuo and others were at the banquet to give their blessings.

Although Grace caught the bouquet she graciously gave it to Christine as she has a “dry love life.”

Grace had given the bouquet to Christine in hopes that she will find a good partner soon.

Grace left a message: "I tell you I will give it to you if catch it. Christine, fighting!"

Christine replied her: "Thank you baby! I feel I am highly sought after suddenly."

Grace has been a relationship with her boyfriend for ten years and was urged by Leanne Li to get married.

Leanne wrote: "Congratulations to Grace! Hope you get married next year!"

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