Christine Kuo did not eat for 10 days -- and even avoided drinking water

1 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

In a recent radio interview, artiste Christine Kuo shared about she suffered from hypothyroidism which caused her to gain weight.

According to Asian E-News Portal, she managed to reduce weight lately.

She said: "I have been drawing blood and eating medicine all along but the recovery is slow and an accident happened during our car racing earlier.

"I was very worried that I might lose my life and the accident changed my thinking. I feel we need to let go of many things and live our life to the fullest.

"I have a list to say thank you to the people during these two years and thank you to everybody who remembered me and helped me do something immediately if required.

"Hence, I used 2 weeks to treat everybody to a meal immediately after the accident but I forgot to draw blood and eat medicine as a result. The doctor was very scared but said the number was very nice after drawing blood.

"Earlier, I was scared to eat as everyone said I was fat but I started to recover after eating continuously for 2 weeks. It is close to normal now but have to monitor for 6 months."

Christine disclosed she did not eat for 10 days in order to reduce weight:

"I am afraid of gaining weight even when drinking water and felt very unhappy at that time.

"It did not help even when I do not eat and people will comment whenever we're outside.

"I wish to have complete rest at that point and communication is also another problem but I still had to meet people.

"I am learning to speak directly and express my feelings now."

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