Chrissie Chau shaken after watching Kathy Yuen film car crash scene

8 May 2016 / 5 months 2 weeks ago

Chrissie Chau and Kathy Yuen are starring in new film 29+1.

In the film, their characters argue before Kathy runs onto the road in a rage and (spoiler alert!) gets hit by a car.

Although it was only acting, Chrissie screamed and looked frightened watching the scene, reports HKTOPTEN.

Kathy has done similar scenes before so she knew how to protect her back and neck. 

She was also mentally prepared and assured, "I wasn't hurt, the team took great care of me. After each dive I had ten people help me up!"

Chrissie said: "My heart jumped out of my chest! Although I didn't really see a car hit her, I felt the impact from seeing her fall!"

She added that the most difficult part for her during the shoot was controling her emotions and acting at the same time.

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