Chou Tzu-Yu looks like a different person without makeup -- and not in a good way

13 March 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Netizens have been shocked by images showing Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-Yu without makeup, which have been circulating online.

The 16-year-old is a member of the multi-national K-pop girl group Twice.

Netizens are in disbelief over pictures of Chou's bare face that were originally posted on Pann. Titled 'Hul Is This Tzuyu’s Bare Face?', here are some of their comments compiled by Koreaboo.

“There is a huge difference with or without makeup….”

"I guess she is in the same category as Seolhyun… She looks ordinary without make up."

"I heard that Tzuyu never followed the footsteps of Suzy and Sulli after this hahahahaha."

"I guess she is tired looking by her dark circles."

See photos of Chou with and without makeup in the gallery below.

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