Chinese teacher becomes internet sensation after pictures of her at the gym emerge online

23 October 2015 / 1 year 1 day ago

All the students will turn up to class if Xu Dongxiang is teaching it.

According to a report in AsianTown via online sources, the teacher rose to fame after photographs of her using gym equipment and cycling went viral on Chinese social media.

Xu Dongxiang, is thought to be an acting teacher in Dalian Polytechnic University, reported People's Daily Online.

As a part-time model, the 23-year-old, has been dubbed a 'goddess teacher' by the Chinese online community.

The university educator first came to fame in June when a set of pictures of her teaching in class and doing the plank were uploaded online. 

She quickly garnered a large number of fans through social media. In her latest set of photos, Xu shows off her toned body in the gym and cycling in tight fitting sportswear.

Ms Xu is reportedly a graduate from the Nanjing University of the Arts. According to an article on Sina News, the 23-year-old began her job as a teacher at Dalian Polytechnic University's College of Arts and Information Engineering in north eastern China shortly after her graduation.

The teacher has been posting selfies and modelling pictures regularly on Weibo under the handle of 'Xuduoyuer'.

Other than her teaching career, Ms Xu has also been a fitness guru, says Sina in the same article.

She also shared other pictures taken when she was younger through her account, for example snaps of her sitting in pull-up stockings and shorts and playing with a plastic robot toy.

Xu is a model in her spare-time. She has appeared on several game shows and dramas on Chinese television.

However, many internet users questioned how she could be a university teacher at 23. Some students from Dalian Polytechnic University said on the school's online forum that Ms Xu is not an official member of faculty while others confirmed she is indeed teaching drama and performing arts, albeit as an extra

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