Cheung Tat-ming separates from wife of 15 years who fought his cancer with him

8 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Hong Kong comedian actor Cheung Tat-ming (張達明), 52, spent the last few years fighting cancer, and returned as a survivor. His wife, clinical psychologist Ho Nim-chi (何念慈), was with him in every step of the way.

However, on August 2, Cheung Tat-ming and Ho Nim-chi released a joint statement on Sina Weibo, announcing that they have separated and are living apart.

The statement read, “We have known each other for 27 years. We have been with each other in times of happiness. We have struggled in hardships together and we have encouraged each other through the way. Experiencing up and downs together, we share a deep relationship.

"However, we do not share the same views of our future. We each have our own expectations, and we are searching for a different life for ourselves. We’ve decided to change our ways of communication and separate rather than living under the same roof. We want to give each other more space to chase our own dreams.”

The couple, who married in 2001, did not say they were filing for divorce, but did reveal that they have already been living separately for a while, reported Jayne Stars.

Now that they have settled into their new lives, they decided that it was finally time to tell their friends, and thanked their friends and family for their unwavering support and concern.

Cheung Tat-ming and Ho Nim-chi said they will still raise their two children together “with love.”

“We ask the media and reporters for their understanding. Please allow us some privacy. We do not want to do interviews for now. We want us and our children to live a simple and peaceful life. Thank you.”

Hong Kong reporters reached out to Cheung Tat-ming, who responded through a text message: “Thank you for the concern. We have already expressed all our thoughts in the statement. We have nothing more to share for now. Thank you.”

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