CEO criticises Angela Chang for being 'ungrateful' and says she will 'go downhill'

29 July 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

Angela Chang launched her new album recently.

From July 23, Angela held her concert and autograph sessions for two consecutive days in Taiwan and sang many of her past classic hit songs.

However, Asian Pop News reports that her performance was criticised by Chen Zeshan, CEO of Warner Music Greater China.

Chen said on his Facebook page, "Some artiste doesn’t know how to be grateful. All these classic hits were composed by Linfair Records Ltd for her. Doesn’t know how to be grateful to her company and her parents. She is such a disappointing artiste."

Angela shot to fame after starring in At Dolphin Bay <海豚灣戀人>. At the height of her career in 2009, Angela fell out with her parents over monetary issues.

Although Chen did not specify anyone in his post, it is obvious that he was referring to Angela who had terminated her contract with Linfair Records in 2011. Angela was also accused by her mother of refusing to support her.

Chen also added, “She is not that popular now. When an artiste doesn’t know how to be grateful, she will go downhill. She will never have those classic hits again. Her new album is terrible.”

Angela’s recording label, ANG music has since responded to Chen’s criticism and said, "We don’t know who he is referring to. If he meant Angela, then we are not sure why a senior executive from the industry will behave like a sour netizen. Angela doesn’t have any personal dealingd with him. We will not respond."

Meanwhile, Angela’s good friend Wu Tsing-Fong of Sodagreen also showed support for her at her concert. He replied to Angela’s post and spoke up for her as well.

"Your love and worth, there are many other people who understand! Those who don’t know anything are like gravel at the roadside. They are even far from getting near. Love you."

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