Cecilia Cheung hounded by paparazzi while shopping with son

12 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Cecilia Cheung and her second son, Quintus appeared at the Central in Hong Kong.

She was seen wearing a red-coloured coat, reported Asian E-News Portal.

Initially they wanted to see make-up items but were surrounded by a big group of reporters. 

Cecilia asked them with a shocking reaction: "Do you have to do so much for work?"

Cecilia continued to shop despite being surrounded by many reporters. Not only did she not get angry, she said with smiles: "We are scared of all of you and we will leave first." 

When asked about the places they had been to earlier, Cecilia said: "I brought my son to eat." 

When asked about her elder son's whereabouts, she did not reply and boarded a car thereafter. 

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