Cecilia Cheung's response when asked if sons get to see dad Nicholas Tse

28 September 2015 / 1 year 4 weeks ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Cecilia Cheung was dressed in black and late for an hour when attending the fashion show in Milan. She was accompanied by her manager and assistant and will be staying around for 5 days.

Cecilia said: "I will watch 2 shows. At this age, I only just started to like fashion and make myself beautiful, thus I'm just looking around."

Sent her blessings to Nicholas Tse

When asked about her two sons, Cecilia said: "I feel grateful as the school allows Lucas to jump from grade 2 to grade 3.

"I assume it will be difficult for them to do homework but they adjust to it quickly."

Cecilia admitted to bringing her two sons back to Hong Kong to live: "I will follow them whenever they go to. My family and colleagues help to take care of them when I am outside this time.

"(Did they see Nicholas Tse?) You have to ask their dad.

"(Nicholas's business in Hong Kong is not very good?) I do not read the news and hope bad things will not happen.

"(Faye Wong is pregnant?) I heard about it but it is rumour only."

Clarified she was single

Cecilia clarified she was single and joked that the male reporters could woo her.

When mentioned about the dispute with the ex-compnay of the boss, Tiffany Chen, Cecilia avoided it and said: "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!"

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