British woman looks like 'barbie doll', but you'll be shocked by what she did in Argentina

19 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

A 26-year-old British woman, nicknamed the ‘Barbie Bandit’ thanks to her blonde hair and resemblance to the doll, was arrested after breaking into and stealing from a number of expensive homes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Georgia Wawman left Wiltshire in England, but arrived in the South American country with her son two years ago. She is suspected of carrying out 16 robberies in the northern regions of Campaña, Escobar and Zarate.

“In some cases the gang dressed up in police uniforms and cut through wires to enter properties,” a police source said to reporters. “They used latex gloves to ensure there were no fingerprints.”

Her boyfriend Jose Miño and six others were arrested along with her. The group now faces up to 16 counts of burglary, reports Viral Thread.

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