Bosco Wong 'throws up blood' after shooting passionate kiss scene with Priscilla Wong

12 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

In new series, Two Steps from Heaven, Priscilla Wong and Bosco Wong share a wedding scene where they have a passionate kiss.

However, the script also required Bosco to 'throw up blood' after reading the marriage vows and having the kiss.

Initially, the kiss was just supposed to be short but the producer, Joe Chan requested for the actors to kiss passionately instead.

According to Asian E-News Portal, the two stars denied any embarrassment while filming.

Priscilla said: 

"We are professional artistes. Bosco and I had a more powerful scene earlier and it was my most daring try. My legs had to be placed on Bosco and he told me to move it to a more comfortable place."

Bosco said:

"We are filming and what is there to report on it? (Your Japanese model, Jun?) She is in Japan and please stop asking about it and give some privacy. Also, Japan has had an earthquake and I dare not go there."

Priscilla also expressed confusion at their characters' relationship:

"The script illustrated Edwin and I got married first, followed by Bosco. He threw up blood today but has not died yet. In fact, I am full of phobia after wearing a wedding gown 5 times in the series and it is very annoying."

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