Bosco Wong defends TVB and says “TVB gives me a high salary!”

8 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

The cast of new TVB crime series Police Dog Brothers including Bosco Wong and Linda Chung attended its opening ceremony at TVB City today.

At the event, Bosco and Linda were asked to comment on TVB’s current situation in regards to leaving employees and their own plans for the future.

Bosco stated he was unaware of the reports on Kate Tsui’s decision to leave the station after the expiry of her management contract, reports Jayne Stars

However, he admitted the entertainment industry is quite small, and claimed it does not matter if Kate’s contract is renewed or not as long as she maintains a collaborative partnership with the company.

Although Linda has heard of the reports, she expressed she did not personally ask Kate about her situation. 

When questioned if she also has plans to take her career elsewhere, Linda exclaimed TVB is an amazing platform that serves as a great training center.

She currently has no plans to leave the station since her contract has not expired, but still remains open to other incoming opportunities.

Contrary to tabloids, Bosco disagrees that TVB is currently lacking fadans and stated there are still many girls in the company.

He believes it is a good thing that many of the actresses are of the younger generation, and added he will try to maintain a youthful appearance in order to match them.

When asked to comment on TVB’s inability to keep talented artistes, Bosco remarked, “It’s pretty normal. My restaurant also lost some employees.” Earlier, veteran artistes Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Michael Miu reportedly suggested that TVB’s pay is too low.

In regards to this, Bosco denied and expressed, “TVB gives me a really high salary. Whether the pay is high or low is subjective and differs among people. I don’t work for money anyways.”

There were also recent speculations that TVB had plans to star Linda, her boyfriend Philip Ng, and previously rumored boyfriend Ruco Chan together in an upcoming series.

Linda clarified the rumors are false, “There is no such thing. A lot of people asked me about it, but I’ve never heard of such information. However, I won’t deny any work opportunities and will do whatever the company asks me to. It’s called contract spirit.”

Bosco Wong
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