Bobby Au Yeung and Carat Cheung narrowly escape getting smashed by hammer on set

2 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

A hammer that fell from a building nearly hit Bobby Au Yeung and Carat Cheung, who were filming for comedy series House of Spirits in a car.

Reports from Jayne Stars reveal that the hammer, which dropped from a construction site, broke through the back passenger window and smashed it entirely.

Thankfully, the cameraman who happend to be seated at the back did not incur any injuries.

Apparently, Bobby had just started driving seconds before the hammer fell, and if the vehicle did not move, the hammer would have hit Carat instead.

Shaken by the incident, the actress said:

"I heard a sudden smashing sound, but I didn’t know what it was because it wasn’t a car crash – after all, this wasn’t an action film. 

"I screamed in the car because I was so surprised. 

"I thought it was some sort of special effects but it was the window exploding! 

"The back window was broken because a hammer fell from above. 

"If the car didn’t start moving, the hammer would have landed where I’m sitting now. 

"I can’t imagine what would have happened if that was the case.

"It was so scary and my heart is still racing."

The crew was reportedly going to make a police report, until a construction worker came to apologize for the mishap.

Carat has also expressed her concerns for future safety, and has noted on being more careful of her surroundings.

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