This beautiful woman is one of the best female poker players in the world

15 May 2016 / 5 months 2 weeks ago

Maria Ho is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty, and also one of the smartest women. 

According to NextShark, the 33-year-old is is considered one of the best female poker player in the world. She has raked in $2.6 million in poker earnings and is the first woman to ever serve as a strategic commentator for a poker TV broadcast.

Ho was born in Taiwan and emigrated with her family to the United States when she was around 5 years old.

And what makes her so good at poker? It's because she has been lied to many, many times. 

She said:

“Honestly, it’s being lied to a lot. This is not meant for people to feel bad for me, or offended — I’ve just been lied to a lot, whether it’s through my relationships or whatever.

"I’ve always had really strong intuition from a young age. Whenever I felt something was off about someone I could sense it.

“That’s why I don’t like playing against women. Honestly, women are good liars. I cannot tell when a woman is bluffing, almost never.

"When a guy is bluffing, it’s almost always I just have to look at him and get him to look at me and then there’s just a lot of things that go into why I can tell.”

Even though she lived in the US, Ho said that she had "a really traditional Chinese upbringing".

"We ate Chinese food and I went to Chinese school after regular school to learn how to read and write in Mandarin. It was also learning Chinese folk dances and things like that," she shared with NextShark. 

Ho shares that she got into poker by playing recreationally:

She said:

“In college my parents didn’t want me to get a job and they were very much like, ‘We want you to just study,’ so I actually had an allowance from my parents in college and I used that to play poker.”

She started going to casinos even as a newbie and was willing to put down cash and lose it. However, she soon got good. 

Her parents valued higher education and were disappointed when she chose a career as a professional poker player -- especially when her sister has a PhD.

Read more about her on NextShark.

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