Barbie Hsu feels unprepared for second pregnancy, says belly looks 'alien'

24 February 2016 / 8 months 3 days ago

​Feb 24, 2016

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has revealed some feelings she had on her second pregnancy on Makiyo's radio show.

The 39-year-old, who had announced on Chinese New Year Eve (Feb 6) that she is expecting a boy, shared on the airwaves that she feels unprepared for her second baby.

In the radio interview, Hsu said that she did not expect to have more than one child and was actually more shocked than happy when she found out she was pregnant again.

Estimated to be around five months pregnant, the sci-fi movie fan was also surprised to see her belly grow in the shape of an alien head.

The actress said she has been very attentive in taking care of her body during and after pregnancy, and revealed that her skin has become very fair after taking many naps.

As her second pregnancy came only a year after her first, Hsu joked that she has yet to burn the excess weight from having her daughter and has to work even harder now to become slim again.

According to Tencent Entertainment, the actress said that she is facing more difficulty with her second pregnancy as she has been experiencing cramps.

She also shared that she is very happy to be expecting a boy this time around as her husband is the only son in his large family.

Hsu added that she was not pressured to have a boy, but she is glad the family name can be carried on.

Her daughter Wang Hsi-yueh was born in 2014 after four years of marriage to Chinese tycoon Wang Xiaofei.

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