Bank terminates employee's contract after finding out about past involvement in adult film

9 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has decided to axe an employee even before she started after finding out about her past.

AsianTown reports that they have withdrawn a job offer from a potential worker after they discovered she had starred in adult films.

Shizuka Minamoto secured an offer of a job to work at the bank's Japanese arm, which is based in Tokyom, after graduation.

However, she reportedly violated the billion-dollar investment bank's code of ethics when she starred in dozens of x-rated movies during her time at university.

When they found out, they were less than impressed and terminated her contract before it even began.

Minamoto has featured in dozens of adult films with each billing her as a girl who has an IQ of 130.

An industry insider said: "She wasn't going for the money or fame: she didn't have those kind of goals.

"She"s the type who was curious. She also didn't have a boyfriend when she first discovered the AV world, which was when she was 18. She doesn"t regret her career in adult videos. But she was afraid of people finding out about it when she started job hunting."

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