Moon Lau has had enough of dating rumours about Philip Ng and Bosco Wong

3 June 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

There have been rumours that 2013 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Moon Lau was wooing actor Bosco Wong.

According to Jaynestars, she no longer finds her rumors amusing.

At a press conference to promote TVB’s upcoming Miss Hong Kong Pageant, she denied her dating rumors with Philip Ng and Bosco Wong, expressing that she doesn’t understand why people would make up fake stories for them.

“Are they jealous of our friendship?” said Moon. “Why would they do that?”

While filming the martial arts drama A Fist Within Four Walls with Philip last year, tabloids reported that Philip and Moon took their onscreen relationship off screen, and became a couple. They broke up after about six months of dating. Moon said none of that was true.

“The world is scary. All of that is fake. We never dated, so how could we break up? Since the beginning we’ve only been friends. Really close friends,” said Moon.

Earlier this year, Moon cozied up with Bosco while shooting the drama Two Steps from Heaven. Their friendly relationship has led to rumors that she is trying to pursue Bosco.

Moon denied this as well.

“Whether it’s in the show or in real life, I refer to Bosco as my dai lo [older brother],” clarified Moon.

“He’s really good to us. He’ll treat us to meals and drinks. But most importantly, he’ll give good advise to us juniors too.” Moon said Bosco lives up to the name dai lo, as he doesn’t have a temper and never shows attitude.

“I used to find these rumours funny,” said Moon. “But now I really don’t find them funny anymore.”

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