AOA's Jimin and Seolhyun break down in tears while apologising

19 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

AOA members Seolhyun and Jimin have been criticized for not being able to identify famous historical figure An Jung Geun during a challenge on “Channel AOA.”

Their agency FNC Entertainment and CJ E&M have released official apologies.

According to Korean news, they once again made an apology during a showcase on May 16th, reports Daily K Pop News.

Both Jimin and Seolhyun shed tears while apologising to the public and fans for lacking knowledge in history during the interview session.

Jimin stated that 'I'm sorry for disappointing you'.

However, although they have apologised, netizens weren't touched at all.

They continue to launch their harsh criticism on the members, especially Jimin.

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