Anthony Wong says Grace Chan acting was a 'nuisance' -- but here's who's to blame

3 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Source: JayneStars

Anthony Wong and the cast of TVB’s four anniversary dramas Captain of Destiny, Under the Veil, With or Without You, and Lord of Shanghai attended TVB’s Anniversary Lighting Ceremony on October 2. The ceremony, which is held every year, officially commences the station’s anniversary celebrations, which lasts from October to December.

Anthony will be starring in TVB’s last anniversary drama of the year Lord of Shanghai, which will premiere on October 26. Also starring in the series is Wayne Lai and Kent Tong, his first TVB drama in thirty years. Anthony is said to have a huge chance at winning Best Actor in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, but the Hong Kong Film Award-winning actor said he doesn’t think he has a chance.

“I don’t think I’ll get it! [TVB] invited me to be an award presenter. It’s weird to present it to myself.” Asking if Anthony would be presenting Best Actor at the ceremony, he said, “Not necessarily. If I am to do that, I want to present the award to Wayne Lai. That would make much more sense. He’s been filming many dramas for TVB, and he’s definitely a great actor.”

When speaking about TVB’s rookie actors, Anthony commented that TVB has been promoting many newcomers in recent years. “There’s so much. Even Liza Wang doesn’t know all of their names.”

However, Anthony added that despite having many newcomers, none of them seem to have caught his eye, expressing that the new generation of actors lack character. “It’s not just about the TV [industry]. Back in the day, every newcomer had his or her own individual character. Today, although there are many newcomers, all of them want to do what other people are doing.”

Anthony was then asked for his thoughts about TVB’s star rookie Grace Chan, the lead actress in Captain of Destiny, Anthony said, “She’s quite pretty. She does have character, as well as Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Especially Sisley.”

Mentioning that Grace has been slammed for delivering a poor acting performance in the series, Anthony said he has seen half an episode of the drama and monitored Grace’s performance.

“I think some of that is the director’s fault. [Grace] is a pretty girl, but I don’t understand why the director didn’t tell her to stop doing those exaggerated expressions on screen. It made everything ugly. She also has a lot of little habitual movements. These little movements look like they are supposed to be very minor, but she repeatedly does them over and over again, so it ends up being a nuisance. The director is supposed to watch her. It’s not her fault at all.”

Asking if Anthony would have a chat with Grace about her acting, Anthony said, “No. When this interview is out the media would probably say I’m scolding her. I am not trying to do that. I am saying this out of goodwill. You should all watch her scenes with a gun. She looked very scary.”

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