Anorexic British teen fractures ribs as she jumps into her BF’s arms

7 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

18-year-old Georgia McGrath’s ribs fractured as she went in to hug her boyfriend, Ashton. The shocking moment was captured on camera by her friend.

The teen from Hull, East Yorkshire, England only weighed 31.75kg (5 stone) at the time of the incident.

Georgia had lost half of her 63.5kg (10 stone) body weight after developing anorexia.

She lived off 100 calories a day, causing her weight to plummet and leaving her with a frail, skeletal frame, reports AsianTown via The Daily Mail.

She said: “When I jumped into Ashton's arms for a hug I was left screaming in agony and could barely breathe, I thought I'd punctured my lungs.

“I was so stick thin and my bones were so brittle that I'd fractured my ribs from the jump it was terrifying.”

She added that the pain was so intense and she could not believe that she had suffered such an injury from posing for a photograph.

Georgia doctors had warned her she was malnourished and vulnerable but said she did not realize it the time. It was only after posing for the picture with her boyfriend Ashton Benton, 25, and her family's horrified reaction that she sought the help she needed.

She said: “The photograph incident was a real wake-up call for me; I knew I couldn't go on like this anymore and started fighting against my eating disorder. Thanks to my boyfriend and supportive family I've been able to get back to a healthy weight, without them I wouldn't be here.”

Georgia revealed that she suffered from anorexia after someone at school called her fat. She then went to the gym daily to burn off calories and her weight plummeted.

Her illness had caused her to miss a lot of college and she needed the support of a tutor just to help her walk.

In August 2014 she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from stroke-like symptoms that were caused by her starving herself.

Georgia said: “I remember feeling ill and completely going numb on the left hand side of my body. Suddenly I started shaking and woke up 45 minutes later with bruises all up my body from when I'd had a seizure.

"I was told how dangerously malnourished I was by doctors and that if I wasn't rushed to hospital I could have died."

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