Anita Chui gets groped by Eric Kwok: 'My character sexually satisfies him'

29 March 2016 / 6 months 4 weeks ago

Anita Chui Bik Ka plays a doctor in her new film ROBBERY (LO LUP), in which she had a lot of sexy performances. In the trailer, she appeared in sexy lingerie and even danced erotically.

She revealed, "My doctor character not only can cure what ails you, but also sexually satisfy what her patient Eric Kwok needs!" 

Eric even had a daring scene in which he felt up Anita, reports Hktopten.

He said, "I am not too familiar in this area, but luckily I was inspired by a rehearsal with director For For (Fire Lee) before the cameras rolled. He played Chui Bik Ka and let me try! Anita worked very hard. I knew that she had a dance scene that she practiced many times for beforehand."

Director For For was rather pleased with the actors' performance and said, "Anita did very well with her emotional scenes, she put in a lot of effort!"

Check out more images from the movie and of Anita Chui in the gallery below.

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