Always wanted to live like celebs? You can now stay in their former homes through Airbnb

26 January 2016 / 1 year 5 months ago

Lydia Vasko
The Straits Times
Jan 24, 2016

We catch glimpses of celebrities' daily lives through Instagram. We read their thoughts on Twitter.

Now you can sleep where they slept, thanks to home owners who are renting out former celebrity homes on Airbnb.

Accommodations include actor Denzel Washington's cliffside home in Malibu and the late star Mickey Rooney's cottage in Topanga Canyon, both in Los Angeles.

While some of the listings, such as those for the former homes of actresses Emily Blunt and Julie Andrews, do not list the celebrities by name, Airbnb managing director of South-east Asia and India, Mr J.J. Chai, says the homes themselves are verified by Airbnb and their history of celebrity residents is well known to fans and the media.

Celebrity homes appeal to travellers' desire for increasingly unique experiences, he says.

"It's about being able to immerse themselves in the soul of a neighbourhood... Anyone can stroll down the Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard, but staying in the home of a celebrity will add a whole new flavour to your stay in Los Angeles," he says.

Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho has also put his home on Airbnb. In 2014, during the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, soccer fans had the chance to rent his five-bedroom Rio de Janeiro pad for 34,257 Brazilian Real (S$11,772) a night.

Tech entrepreneur Rushdy Hakam, 30, says staying in a celebrity's current home would be awesome, but he is equally happy with a stay in his or her former home.

"It's attractive because you kind of get to live the life of celebrities. They chose that space and those surroundings for a reason and it's an opportunity to step into their shoes and live the life that they did, even if the house is no longer theirs or decorated the way they had it."

He adds: "Celebrities flock together, so I could catch a glimpse of other celebrities in the area."

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