Alvin Chau's sister writes angry post on Facebook for his mistress Mandy Lieu

5 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Macau tycoon Alvin Chau's sister has written an angry post on her Facebook addressed to her brother's mistress, Mandy Lieu.

According to, although Candy Chau did not specify the person the post was directed to, it was quite obvious that she was referring to Mandy.

She wrote:

"You XX b***h. You X uttered rubbish about my dad. You X stupid. Whatever you are doing, god will know. You are a X cheap b***h. Do your parents know?"

A source revealed that Alvin's family doted on his ex-wife Heidi Chan and that it would not be easy for Mandy to be accepted by them.

Last December, when Alvin and Mandy were caught on camera holding hands openly, it spurred heidi to file a divorce to end their marriage.

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