Actress Yoon Eun Hye accuses designer of using her for fame

7 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Yoon Eun Hye's label released an official statement on her plagiarism accusations by the designer Yoon Choon Ho.

According to allkpop, she said, through her label,

First, I'd like to apologize for worrying the many fans in Korea and China. This is my stance on accusations that the outfit in the 4th episode of 'The Goddess' Fashion' is similar to designer Yoon Choon Ho's outfit.

'The Goddess' Fashion' is a reality program where the 'goddess' and the designer becomes a team. A total of 5 teams make about 20 outfits that fit the mission per week and get judged on by buyers. We have to make about 20 patterns, finished outfits, and accessories, within a week.

Every week, I go through a process for inspiration to prepare the collection. We have to fit the topic, and we have to engage with one movie per episode. The concept for the 4th episode was 'the great nature,' and our team's sub-topic was 'snow' and 'lion'.

The movie we chose was 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. To express the white snow and lion in the movie, I used all white for the outfit color and took motivation from the lion's mane for the frills.

To fill the lacking parts in a short time, we're always investigating and studying to get better every episode. We've been studying from a very long time ago until now to gain the basic information of design and have been studying design and preparing clothes.

This is why we researched brands that have used lace and frills, which has been loved since 2000. We researched frills that have been loved for 10 years by referencing the well-loved frill style's representative brands of Viktor & Rolf, Isabel Marant, the 2014 S/S Lanvin, and Dries van Noten.

Finally, I got an idea from the 2008 Viktor & Rolf's trend from 10 years ago and the 2014 S/S Lanvin collection that could express the lion. Looking at a feather decoration from the arm of an outfit, we made the coat's arms into a lovely frill. We did not plagiarize designer Yoon Choon Ho's outfit and we have no reason to.

The shape and placement of the frills on the arms are by combining the popular trend. Because the place of the frills on the arms and the white color are similar from designer Yoon Choon Ho's outfit, we think it must have looked even more similar.

Even more flustering from our point of view is why he never contacted the label and never contacted the stylist. He expressed his opinions in a one-sided manner on SNS and we're sad about his words that read, 'A few days ago, the actress and her stylist borrowed this from me with my support. Now they're saying they both made it. I got goosebumps.'

We've sponsored other clothes by designer Yoon Choon Ho before, but because it's still summer, we have not received the 2015 F/W clothes. It isn't true that the stylist picked that outfit up, and we did not use it after getting sponsored. Because this is recorded in the brand sponsoring, you can confirm this fact.

Lastly, I'm disappointed that he brought up a plagiarism controversy through SNS without thoroughly confirming information. We hope that you do not use Yoon Eun Hye's name to promote your brand from now on before the release of your collection.

Her response has largely met with disdain by netizens, who are unsure if Yoon Eun Hye has a large enough name to be used as a press play. 

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