Actress Sharon Chan's business is a success -- but she's still lacking one thing in her life

8 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

After tying the knot with William Lui last year, actress Sharon Chan also became a proud entrepreneur.

Her newly launched cookie business, Blesscuit Bakery, proved to be a large success with two shops in Hong Kong under her management.

Sharon expressed her wish is to open a total of four Blesscuit Bakery shops before the end of the year, and later hit the Macau market, reports Jayne Stars

Happy that she has reached two important milestones in life – marriage and starting her own business, Sharon remarked she is only lacking the step of becoming a mother.

However, she expressed being in no rush at the moment,

“I’ll take things naturally. I want to enjoy life in a world of two with my husband, because I hope to travel the world with him. That’s not realistic after having a baby.” 

When asked if managing her business while continuing her acting career is difficult to handle, Sharon admitted it is a bigger challenge than she had expected. 

She gave an example, “My bakery had to launch moon-cakes, and I spent so much energy on selecting the flavours. In the end, I decided on citrus custard and Osmanthus green bean flavour.

There was so much to think about that I would sometimes jerk awake in the middle of my sleep.”

Hardworking and career-oriented, Sharon prefers to personally handle her cookie business and would visit its shops to manage the operations every month.

When the new moon-cakes were launched, Sharon served as a saleswoman and provided passersby with samples, attracting a large crowd.

She happily expressed, “Many people call me a tough woman, but I think I’m more like a superwoman! I have to adapt to many jobs at once.”

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