Actor spotted with 'bulge' in his pants during scene with TVB actress Zoie Tam

18 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

TVB actress Zoie Tam has been gaining attention with her role in the science fiction television drama 'Over Run Over'.

In an episode that recently aired, the beautiful 34-year-old actress shared a scene with 43-year-old actor Tai Yiu Ming, in which they were sitting side by side.

Dressed in a sexy tube dress, Tam seemed to have gotten her co-star a little too excited.

Photos posted on Viral Cham show Tai with what appeared to be a 'bulge' in his pants. It is unclear if this was simply a trick on the eye due to angling or lighting or the real deal.

The article also said that this would only be strange if a hot-blooded guy did not have any biological reaction to the sexily-dressed Tam.

See more images of the scene and of the actress below.

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Zoie Tam, TVB
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