Aaron Kwok on criticism of relationship with model: I won't talk about my life anymore

9 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Heavenly King Aaron Kwok has been widely criticised after opening up on his romance with 27-year-old Shanghai model model Moka Fong.

Fans accused Moka of being in an obscene video, and that she was attached when she dated Aaron, implying that she cheated on her previous boyfriend.

Moka released a statement to say that she was single when she started a relationship with Aaron, and thanked him for his support and trust. She also hoped that the public could give her some personal space. Aaron recently in Shanghai for a media conference.

Aaron's Weibo account received 40,000 negative comments within a day after he posted a photo with his girlfriend, reports Asianpopnews

Aaron said, “I just want to tell everyone that I am a normal person too. I am not a high-­profile person. I won’t talk about my life anymore. I’m usually a very independent person. I eat and shop normally like everyone else. If I am asked about my love life again, I will only say please give us some space.” 

Asked to comment on why his two posts had drawn so much negativity, Aaron replied, “I don’t do such things often. I have never posted such things in the past. I feel that two posts are enough. I don’t understand why people have such negative reactions. I hope to get my life back again."

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