48-year-old TVB actor Michael Tse films survival show with the crazy Bear Grylls

17 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Since the birth of his son in February, Michael Tse has been working hard to earn money to support his family.

After returning from performing at the Young and Dangerous Concert in San Francisco, Michael then traveled to Mainland China and has busily filming for a new outdoor survival show with a group of Mainland artistes, including Catherine Hung’s husband, Zhang Danfeng.

The group, led by renowned British adventurer and Man vs. Wild star, Bear Grylls, will be traveling through extreme outdoor terrains. In order to enhance the realism and appeal to the audience, all of the scenes from the show were filmed live.

The most rousing promotional screenshot is a photo of Bear Grylls eating a live worm, reports Jayne Stars. In one of the screenshots, Michael was seen building a fire and roasting a mysterious type of meat.

Without revealing any details of the scene, Michael merely joked, “If I can survive and return, remember to treat me out for a big meal.”

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