44-year-old Elena Kong shows off sexy figure in lingerie at concert

17 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

Elena Kong took the audience on a journey like no other when she appeared in sexy lingerie at Johnson Lee and Pal Sinn’s “Palwerful Concert" this past week.

The 44-year-old sexy actress wore a tight-fitting black corset and performed a hilarious skit with Pal Sinn, reports Jayne Stars.

The concert, held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on January 13 and 14, was headlined by the main cast of Johnson Lee’s talk show Sze U Tonight , which also features Pal Sinn and his Palwerful Band.

Guest performers included Elena Kong, Nancy Wu, Justin Lo and Michael Wong.

Aside from Johnson and Pal’s comedic performances, Johnson elicited tears of laughter when he used Adam Cheng’s voice to sing Jinny Ng’s hit song “Love Is Not Easy” during the finale—Elena took everyone by surprise when she reenacted a sexy scene with Pal Sinn on stage.

Elena dyed her hair an orange sherbet color and wore a black corset and lace tights.

In their scene, Elena portrayed an actress who is casting for a role in a new film about Ximen Qing, the lustful scholar of The Golden Lotus.

In a phone interview after the concert, Elena said she was worried that her appearance would be “too sexy” for the audience, and she was pleasantly surprised at how well-received her performance was.

She joked, “I was afraid that the audience would vomit after seeing me!” Upon hearing good responses from the audiences, Elena jokingly said, “I have to say, I am pretty sexy. I always keep fit!”

Elena shared that the lingerie she wore on the show was tailor-made for her from a company she endorsed.

Asking if Elena would use this opportunity to release a photobook, she immediately said no. “I’m too old to do that kind of stuff!” 

Mentioning that 50-year-old Candy Law has also released a photobook, Elena said, “She’s a beautiful devil. I’m not. But if everyone is interested, I can ask my boyfriend [Vincent Ng] about it. He is my manager after all. If he’s okay with it, then I’m okay. Let’s see.”

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