39-year-old Kay Tse leaving showbiz to 'pursue baby'

2 September 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

39-year-old Kay Tse is feeling the tick of her maternal clock, and announced that she will be leaving showbiz to 'pursue a baby'.

According to Asian E-News Portal,  she said that she will leave the showbiz temporarily for one year in order to try and get a second baby before 40 years old.

She has a 9-year-old son and her last pregnancy was 10 years ago.

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Kay has been trying her best to get results, looking for famous doctors continuously and visiting a male physician for treatments in Kwun Tong District for past several months.

She was spotted wearing loose clothes, without make-up and holding hands tightly with her husband, Louis Cheung at the clinic last week. 

A few days ago, Kay drove out from her apartment in Tai Po and was seen wearing a loose dress when shopping for groceries. It seemed she has gained weight and had a bigger stomach. 

When asked if she was expecting, Kay replied she had no news to announce through WhatsApp: "It is my happiest vacation."

Louis had the same response and said: "Nothing to announce and thank you for the concern!"

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