34-year-old Shawn Yue will choose 45-year-old Kitty Yuen if he remains single after many years

10 August 2016 / 2 months 1 week ago

34-year-old Shawn Yue and 45-year-old Kitty Yuen are rumoured to be dating and it shocked many fans.

Asian E-News Portal reports one week ago on social networking website, Shawn wrote: "Kitty Yuen and I will be together if I fail to find a partner after many years."

When ON.CC tried to check with Kitty's good friend, King Kong, he said: "How is it possible? It is making me laughing. I guess Shawn has the same thinking as me and it is simply impossible.

"But Shawn said he will choose Kitty if he remains single after many years and I guess Kitty will go to old folks home by that time.

"How about Kitty and I end up together after several years if I remain single instead? Haha!"

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