2 Red Velvet members slightly injured after their cab driver crashes into another vehicle

11 October 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

It was recently reported that popular girl group Red Velvet was involved in a car accident on October 11, while on their way back home from a scheduled event.

Their agency SM Entertainment released an official statement and said: "While traveling home in a taxi around 10pm, Red Velvet members Yeri and Seulgi were involved in a car accident.

"It was revealed that the cab driver was at fault, as he crashed into a cleaning vehicle. As a result of the accident, the members suffered minor injuries including bruises. Yeri and Seulgi made sure to stop by the hospital right away and are now currently resting. The members will not be participating in any activities and focus on recovering for a while."

Fortunately, both Red Velvet members did not suffer any major injuries and are now at home resting safely, reported Koreaboo.

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