17-year-old teenage girl parties it up with any celeb she wants

20 February 2016 / 1 year 4 months ago

Judging from her Instagram, Dara Phung may seem like the luckiest girl ever, partying it up with all the biggest names in Hollywood. 

However, you'll soon realise it's just her very good photo editing skills. 

According to AsianTown, Dara is a self-taught photo retoucher and started editing herself into photos with celebrities as a prank to her classmates when she was 16.

And all her clever photo-editing wizardry is done on her mobile phone.

Dara from San Francisco, California said: ‘I use my phone for all my editing. I don't use my computer at all and I actually don't use Photoshop either.

‘I use a combination of apps like PicsArt, Enlight and Instagram to edit my photos.’

The student said: ‘I started editing myself with celebrities as a hobby as a joke for my friends. And to my surprise, they all believed that my photos were real!

‘Since then, I've edited myself with celebrities as a hobby and started uploading my pictures online.’

Social media users can watch Dara digitally hang out with stars like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus on her Instagram profile, @thefourthjonas. She rarely spends more than 10 minutes editing each photo.

Dara explained: ‘Generally it takes me 10 minutes per picture but there are a few instances when I can spend up to half an hour editing a photo.

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