Zoe Tay's 'distracting' chest had to be digitally reduced for poster

24 October 2013 / 3 years 3 days ago

Main photo: Kua Chee Siong

ZOE Tay's BIG. So big, in fact, that rumour has it that the Queen of Caldecott had to have her, ahem, assets digitally reduced on a poster for The Ultimatum, for fear of stealing the thunder from her co-stars. 

Zoe didn't think that her breasts got altered on the poster.

'They look the same size to me. I think it's just a rumour and people exaggerated it... perhaps the gown enhanced the size? My breasts are actually very small!' she insisted.

According to Zoe, her chest has shrunk since she stopped breast-feeding second son Ashton last February.

Zoe might think her image wasn't altered, but it was.

Mr Paul Chan, vice-president of Channel 8 Branding & Promotions, confirmed with The New Paper on Sunday that the photo was doctored.

He said that there were concerns that Zoe's chest might distract from the other stars on the poster.

He did not want to name the people who raised the alarm but said that they were uncomfortable with the visible size of Zoe's assets.

He admitted though that he felt the swell of Zoe's bosom was not that overwhelming.

Nonetheless, two graphic artists, one female and one male, were then tasked to reduce Zoe's parts.

Using Adobe Photoshop, an image-enhancing software program, the artists lightened the shadows around the bosom and altered Zoe's skin tone slightly.

According to Mr Chan, the artists tried many times to find the right size for Zoe.

He added: 'They giggled a lot in the process.'

Read the full report in The New Paper. 

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