Zhou Xun's new BF accused of flirting with another woman

16 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

A Weibo user going by the name 'Summer' recently posted pictures of herself with CSI star Archie Kao, who has recently hooked up with Chinese actress Zhou Xun..

Summer had hinted that she was romantically involved with Archie, and even accused him of being unfaithful to Zhou Xun.

In one picture, Archie can be seen with his arm around her waist, while she is seen cradling a glass of wine in hand. 

Accompanying the photo was Summer's comment "If you love Zhou Xun, why did you still provoke me? Fine, I wish you all the best." 

Her posts earned her much criticism from netizems, who accused her of trying to garner publicity for herself.

Others noticed that the pictures of her with Archie had been deliberately cropped out from group photos.

Zhou Xun so far has not responded to the incident.

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