Zheng Geping: I did not change my name for fame

10 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
What's in a name?
Apparently everything for MediaCorp actor Zheng Geping, who is fuming over an article in this week's issue of 8 Days magazine that claimed he had his name changed from Quah Cheng Hock, or Ke Chengfu.
This was supposedly done early in his career on "the advice of a fengshui master" and he was "one of the few who ditched even his surname in the hopes of greater fame and fortune".
Zheng, 49, told The New Paper: "I was born a Tay and I have always been a Tay and very proud of it. It would be an insult to my ancestors if I were to have done what the article purported."
He noted that the false name must have been lifted from Wikipedia's entry on him.
When contacted, 8 Days editor-in-chief Lau Kuan Wei declined to comment, saying they will deal with the matter internally.
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