Zhang Ziyi's fiancé mocked by netizens right after proposing to actress

11 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

China's social-media users tend to poke fun at celebrities and create viral spoofs of Internet photos and quotes which are intended to be positive.

Their latest target on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like platform, was a rock star's proposal to Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, reports AsiaOne via China Daily.

In this episode, Chinese Internet users seemed to care more about how rock star Wang Feng lost his chance to be at the top of the news again and again.

At Zhang's birthday party on Saturday night, the singer prepared flower walls and layer cakes, and even hired a mini-drone to fly a 9.15-carat diamond ring to his fiancee.

When the engagement photos went on the Internet, they immediately topped the ranking lists of major social-media websites. But they stayed there for only several hours before being pushed down by news of another famous couple's wedding anniversary.

Most netizens showed no interest in the details of the proposal. "It's just a show full of advertisements, like the brands of the diamond and the drone," one said, as they dismissed the singer's efforts.

What entertained them more was the singer's bad luck with fame. "Another failed attempt to hit the headlines," Shulinxiaoxiao wrote on Weibo.

Some Weibo users even made a chart of 16 occasions when Wang's news coincided with other big events, causing him to lose the public's attention.

For example, when he announced his divorce, Chinese pop diva Faye Wong also ended her marriage. In another instance, on the release day of one of his albums, the Chang'e 3 moon rover was launched into space, the first vehicle to land on the moon in almost 40 years.

Also, before he started his world concert tour, Flight MH370 disappeared from the sky. An earthquake in Yunnan province came right after his affectionate love confession on stage.

"Now his elaborate and expensive proposal plan had to bow out to a handmade drawing that actor Deng Chao gave to his wife as an anniversary gift," Zhengjingren teased on Weibo.

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