Zhang Ziyi thinks Wang Leehom is 'too perfect'

15 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Tourists will now have a new reason to visit Marina Bay Sands on their next trip to Singapore, says Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.

"Everyone will want to soak in the pool at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark now because that is where Wang Leehom also swam in before," she tells regional reporters with a laugh at the press conference promoting the pair's new movie My Lucky Star.

The Straits Times reports that in their new romantic comedy, which opens in cinemas on Sept 19, hunky Taiwan-based American singer-actor Wang is seen swimming in the famous infinity pool, before emerging from the waters topless in slow motion.

At the press conference held inside the Art Science Museum on Friday evening, Zhang, 34, was flirty and charming throughout, always finding new opportunities to tease and praise Wang, 37, for his "handsome face" and "perfect personality".

She said that while filming the movie in Singapore last year, the two of them had "so much fun together", even going out to try out the flight simulation attraction iFly at Sentosa on one of their days off.

Wang, who is reportedly single, recalls: "Our lips flew up everywhere and we had a lot of good laughs."

Ask Zhang, also reportedly single, if she will ever consider Wang as a potential partner, and she laughs.

"I wouldn't dare say such a thing, because there are already too many people and fans who are calling dibs on him. He is too perfect, and so good looking too, so no wonder."

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