Zhang Ziyi quits Kung Fu movies for love

11 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The Daily ChilliThe are-they-or-are-they-not guessing game surrounding Zhang Ziyi and Sa Beining is finally over, following the latter’s confirmation of their romance during a recording of his show recently.To a question of who he would save if Ziyi and his fellow CCTV hosts were drowning, without hesitation, the 36-host replied: "With me around, she (Ziyi) would never fall into the water in the first place."Later, he added: "I'm telling the media this for the first time: The mystery has been solved."This came after months of denial from both parties over the romance, which was rumoured to have blossomed last year when Ziyi, 33, promoted her film Love For Life on an entertainment show hosted by Sa.Sources claimed that it was love at first sight for the CCTV host, whose spark-filled interactions with Ziyi on the stage became tabloid fodder. The two were later photographed acting lovey-dovey on various outings, sparking rumours of marriage talks at one point.While Ziyi has yet to respond about her love life, she did reveal a major decision regarding her acting career: she is likely to quit kung fu roles for good.When promoting The Grandmaster, the latest Ip Man film directed by Hong Kong arthouse director Wong Kar Wai, the actress revealed: "I was sleepless and I thought a lot after watching The Grandmaster last night. I might not star in another kung fu movie in the future."Throughout these three years of filming and training, my body had endured more than I could handle. I have some old wounds and my body is about to give way anytime soon."She insisted that this was not an impulsive decision, adding that it would be hard for her to come across another iconic kung fu role like hers in The Grandmaster, one that "has reached new heights in the world of martial arts."

Zhang Ziyi
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