Zhang Ziyi pregnant? Here's why it can't be

27 March 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Jaynestars

Zhang Ziyi accepted boyfriend Wang Feng‘s marriage proposal at her 36th birthday party last month.

Although the couple has been dating for two years, Ziyi’s swift marriage plans were surprising and it was speculated that Ziyi may even be pregnant.

While shooting director Guo Jingming‘s new science-fiction comedy The Baby from Universe <從天兒降> earlier this week, Zhang Ziyi wore a black top with an oversized black coat. In the pictures posted online, ZIyi appeared to have a bulging belly, immediately leading to gossip that she is pregnant.

However, the speculations are more than likely false.

At Ziyi’s birthday party in February, Ziyi’s belly was still very flat. Since only one month has passed, it is unlikely that Ziyi would have such a visible baby bump. Instead, her pregnant look may actually be required for the filming of The Baby from Universe.

The pregnant rumors were further debunked when Ziyi was spotted wearing micro-shorts in Japan yesterday.

An eyewitness snapped photos of Ziyi at the local airport. Walking quickly in flat sneakers, she did not appear to be pregnant at all.

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